Podcast 183 — Office Kingdom, Robot Overlords, Alien Outpost, Open Water 2: Adrift, Graveyard Shift, A Field in England, Kill List, Sightseers


They’ve come for old people’s meds!

Howdy-do, ladies & gentlemen. Welcome to another episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted yet again by Mark & Jerry. This time around the guys begin their jabberfest with a review of the excellent short animation Office Kingdom. The short can be found, probably, if you google its title. Well worth seeing.

The first full-length flick discussed is 2014′s Robot Overlords, a British story of brave kids spearheading the battle against oppressive mechanical men from space. The amazing cast includes Ben Kingsley & Gillian Anderson.

Next up is 2014 feature Alien Outpost, directed by Jabbar Raisani & starring Adrian Paul, television’s Highlander. Hmmm….

And from 2006 comes Open Water 2: Adrift. It’s a shame the filmmakers didn’t leave this movie floating in the middle of the ocean. Fortunately for listeners, you can be warned away from this soggy mess in time.

Based on the Stephen King story, Graveyard Shift (1990) is an enjoyable horror story with an appearance by fave-rave Brad Dourif.

Which brings us to reviews of three of British director Ben Wheatley‘s most interesting movies. A Field in England (2013) is sort of experimental, very theatrical & just plain odd. Kill List (2011) is a more conventional horror movie & very well done. And last but certainly not least is Sightseers, Wheatley’s 2012 black comedy. All are recommended. Podcast 182 — The Gallows, Theatre of the Deranged, Theatre of the Deranged II, Queen Crab, Jake’s Road, Doomsday


Queen Crab grabs attention

A good day to all fans of the horrific & macabre. And hopefully also independent cinema! This episode of The Horror Movie Show boasts not one, not two — but several independently made horror movies. Whoopee!

Your gracious hosts Jerry & Mark invite you first to try out The Gallows, a 2015 flick that made the rounds of actual moviehouses. Written & directed by Travis Cluff & Chris Lofing, this is a literally dark tale of high school kids & the play that went horribly wrong.

Next up is a pair of anthology flicks: 2012′s Theatre of the Deranged & its 2013 sequel. With a hefty portion of writing & directing talent (James Cullen Bressack, Creep Creepersin, Shawn C. Phillips, Shane Ryan, among others), the first movie is not great. But the sequel definitely has some worthwhile segments.

Written & directed by Brett Piper, 2015′s Queen Crab is about a little town being menaced by a giant pregnant crab. Yup, a giant crab. This is one of those movies where the fun is found laughing at this absurdity. Mark especially enjoyed the stop-motion giant crab effects.

Jake’s Road is a 2014 effort by writer-director Mike Mayhall, costarring HMPod fave-rave Eric Roberts. And last but possibly not least is Doomsday (aka Death Machine), a rather illogical science-fictionish story that is, frankly, a hot mess. Listen to the podcast & understand why. Podcast 181 — Knock Knock, Pay the Ghost, Hellions, The Mist (director’s cut), We Are Still Here, Dracula Reborn, Bloodsucking Bastards


Happiest of horrific Halloweens!

With ghouls & ghosts on the ground October 31, this is the best time of year to be a fan of both horror movies & teeth-rotting candy. Mark & Jerry, your hosts of The Horror Movie Show, are pleased to present a selection of scary movies fit to frighten even the fearless on your Halloween evening.

Starting with Eli Roth‘s second new movie released this year, Knock Knock stars the attractive trio of Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo & Ana de Armas. He’s a family man working alone at home; the gals show up at his door soaking wet & quickly make themselves at home. Uh-oh.

Nobody has been more over-the-top crazy on the big screen than Nicolas Cage. In Pay the Ghost, he is positively underplaying his role of a father searching for his young son, missing since the previous Halloween. Though not one of Cage’s best, it is better than many of his recent efforts.

Also specifically tied to Halloween, director Bruce McDonald‘s Hellions is a chilling little flick about a teenaged girl at home & the little monsters who come to play trick or treat on her. Chloe Rose stars.

A favourite of our intrepid hosts, Frank Darabont‘s wonderful creature-feature The Mist is discussed in its full black & white glory, the colour removed so the movie more closely resembles the sort of 1950s–’60s movies the script recalls. Based on a Stephen King story, this is a wonderfully scary movie with a killer ending that will break your heart.

Wonderful to see actress Barbara Crampton‘s continuing resurgence. She was fine in the excellent You’re Next from a couple of years ago & she absolutely shines in We Are Still Here, written & directed by Ted Geoghegan. We Are Still Here costars Andrew Sensenig, Lisa Marie & HMPod favourite Larry Fessenden.

Dracula Reborn flaps its way up next. Written & directed by Attila Luca, this tale of Vancouverites heading for Transylvania is a lightweight little flick.

And last but not least is horror-comedy Bloodsucking Bastards, starring Fran Kranz — who stole all his scenes in The Cabin in the Woods. He is again very funny here in this goofy tale of vampires being hired to turn around a crappy direct-marketing company.

Finally, Jerry has a few words to say about director Scott Cooper‘s Black Mass, starring Johnny Depp & Joel Edgerton. While it is a very good movie about the Boston Irish mafia & its connections to the FBI, it is not supernatural at all. What a disappointment. Perhaps Roman Polanski can direct the sequel.

Now, dear listener, listen to the podcast & don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed.

Final, entire season of Hemlock Grove premieres Friday, Oct. 23, on Netflix


It all ends with a bang, not a whimper

Horror guru Eli Roth is having a hell of a year. Not content with the premieres of two feature films — Knock Knock & much-anticipated The Green Inferno — this year sees the final season of Emmy-nominated Hemlock Grove.

The U.S. Netflix original series premiered in 2013. While reception from critics was mixed, fans flocked to the show’s eerie & unique amalgam of small-town werewolf mystery & biomedical shenanigans.

The third & final season of Hemlock Grove debuts Friday, October 23, on Netflix.

Praise has been heaped on stars Bill Skarsgård & Dougray Scott, as well as the strong ensemble cast which includes Famke Janssen (X-Men) & Landon Liboiron.

Monstrous preview clip here.

Hellevator gameshow premieres Wed., Oct. 21, on GSN


Welcome to dying time

By Jerry Eberts

Horror continues to insinuate itself into popular culture. There have always been icons of the dark & scary, popular with the wide population — think Frankenstein, Dracula & the Wolfman — but when a dramatic series about the coming Zombie Apocalypse is the highest rated show on network television, there has been a major societal shift.

Blumhouse Productions, responsible for some of the most popular horror franchises currently running — including the Paranormal Activity movies — is taking its horrific abilities & molding a series for GSN (the Game Show Network) called Hellevator. Three friends, each dropped on a different floor of a dark, dilapidated building, must complete terrifying quests if they hope to escape their place of terror & collect a cash prize.

While Monty Hall may show up (but only as an undead ghoul), for the most part the hosting duties fall on Jen & Sylvia Soska. Well known for their fine horror movies American Mary & See No Evil 2, the Soska Sisters will bring their elegant style of viciousness to this spectacle of ordinary people having the fertilizer scared out of them.

The series premieres Wednesday, October 21, on GSN. Check your local listings. And bear in mind that Hellevator is currently casting for further episodes. If you want to be a victim, more information is available at

Watch a wild clip here!