Podcast 199 — Green Room, Suicide Squad, Capt. America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, Gods of Egypt, After Hours (1985), Sausage Party, Southbound, They Look Like People, Mark of the Witch, more

green-room-review-header-graphicGreen Room is a hellish good time

Greetings to all & sundry from the wide open road that stretches before us till we hit the final pot-hole of death. Currently residing in a not-quite-ancient recreational vehicle far, far away from the mighty Splutt Building HQ of The Horror Movie Show, we bring you episode #199, a milestone in podcasting history. Packed with horrific goodness, if this one doesn’t convince you to listen nothing will.

Your road-weary hosts, Mark & Jerry, begin their tirade with writer/director Jeremy Saulnier‘s excellent Green Room. The claustrophobic tale of a socially progressive punk rock band trapped in the hell of a backwoods skinhead murder hole will no doubt make this year’s Top 10 list. It is an exciting & satisfying follow-up to Saulnier’s Blue Ruin, another Top 10 pick. Star Anton Yelchin amply demonstrates why we miss him.

captainamericacivilwar_trailer2A trio of super-hero movies follows, including the sad Suicide Squad, overstuffed Captain America: Civil War & the sadly boring X-Men: Apocalypse. All three represent good reason why big-budget comic book flicks should be sealed in plastic & shelved till a worthwhile story is found. So much talent, so much money, so much dross.

gods-of-egyptDirector Alex Proyas‘s much anticipated Gods of Egypt is next discussed. An absolute treat for the eyes, this tale of men & giant gods recalls the fun of Clash of the Titans. A bit more story depth would be appreciated, but this one is pure movie fun.

fhd985afh_teri_garr_028Next up is the great & unique late-night thriller After Hours (1985). Directed by arguably the greatest living film director, Martin Scorsese, this story of an ordinary guy trapped in an extraordinary vortex of crazy blondes & Soho nightlife is a comedy of the blackest sort. Cannot recommend it enough.

Seth Rogen & the usual stoner crew depress carnivores & vegetarians alike as all items in a supermarket come to life only to realize the horrors awaiting them if they are chosen to come home with the humans. Often funny, this feature-length cartoon attempts to plumb the depths of philosophical angst. Not suitable for children or those with a hunger for normality.

maxresdefaultOne of the best episodic scary flicks in recent years, Southbound features an eclectic mix of actors including horror stalwarts Maria Olsen & Larry Fessenden, as well as comedian Dana Gould. Absolutely superb. Another excellent little movie is writer-director Perry Blackshear‘s They Look Like People. A wonderfully paranoid romp inside the mind of a man on the verge of becoming a raging psycho, this little-known movie is very well done. Next is a quick review of another Maria Olsen movie, Mark of the Witch (aka Another). Olsen is having a hell of a year.mark-of-the-witch-2-600x390

Finally, the guys drive over a trio of big-budget blockbusters: Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Jungle Book & The Legend of Tarzan. Can you say overkill?

When next Jerry & Mark chatter like goons, it will be the 200th episode of The Horror Movie Show. Tune in for some wacky special features & a chilling announcement about the future of this here podcast. Cheers all. Podcast 198 — The Purge: Election Year, The Fog (1980), The Duel, Act of Killing, Star Trek Beyond, Independence Day 2, Midnight Special, Sharknado 4


Glad to be back! Did you miss us?

Greetings & salutations to all our lovely listeners. It has been a while since our intrepid hosts Jerry & Mark yapped it up for a new episode of The Horror Movie Show. But here they are. Some of the cobwebs & general filth has been sponged away & the dauntless duo is ready to fill a solid hour of your life with jibber-jabber.

Beginning with The Purge: Election Year, Jerry can’t help himself & relentlessly denigrates the ridiculous TV game-show host & presidential candidate Trump. What a surprise. That is followed with a retro look at John Carpenter‘s 1980 classic The Fog, much more politically correct than the GOP tool.the-fog-preacher

The Duel is a Western with an odd twist; Woody Harrelson plays a cult leader in a small, lawless town. Yeehaw! And then a most serious documentary about the true-life genocide in Indonesia: Act of Killing. Co-director Joshua Openheimer seems to have easily convinced several of the actual death-squad leaders to re-enact their ghastly crimes. Absolutely chilling & strange.2013-review-the-act-of-killing

A couple of big-budget movies are next discussed. Star Trek Beyond seems to be little more than a fanboy tribute to the entire Trek universe, with all the new crew members as well as a sexy alien babe & an over-the-top alien villain. Independence Day: Resurgence features even more aliens in a pale shadow of the fun original.


Midnight Special does not harken back to the song or the TV concert series. Instead it is a touching tale of a boy with extraordinary powers & the struggle of his father to protect the lad from those who would use him for their own ends.lead_960


So as not to end on a high note, the guys discuss Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens. Featuring a plethora of D-list celebrities, the silliness continues unabated.

Finally, Mark & Jerry chat about three spooky television series: Fear the Walking Dead, Preacher & Netflix’s Stranger Things. All in all, that should be enough to hold our dear listeners for a fortnight. Cheers! Podcast 197 — Cooties, Hangman, Broken, Anomalisa, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, Hardcore Henry, Amnesiac


What do you mean Cooties?

Greetings, dear listener. We are unbelievably happy to present another episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by sweaty Mark & Jerry. This week features reviews of seven movies, all new excepting one from England. Perhaps the Brexit vote has dragged the Brits back in time.

We start with Cooties (2014), a light-hearted zombie romp featuring undead children attempting to feed on the still-living bodies of their teachers. Not so very different from real life. This horror-comedy features Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson & Saw writer/actor Leigh Whannell.

brokenNext up is a pair of video nasties from the occasionally brilliant Adam Mason & Simon Boyes. Hangman (2016) stars Jeremy Sisto & Kate Ashfield as parents who have an unwanted & ultra-nosy visitor in their home. Following that is the older movie already mentioned, Broken (2006), about a man who kidnaps women, tests them in a thoroughly unpleasant manner & then forces them to live with him in the woods. was never this bad.

anomalisaWriter & co-director Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, among others) presents another surreal story — Anomalisa (2015) — about a jaded man in a frustratingly dull world who meets a fascinating gal. The oddest thing is that the characters are puppets. A unique movie.

da-sweet-blood-of-jesusAnother well-known director, Spike Lee, takes the plunge into the horror genre with Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014), a vampire tale with a distinctly African feel. Rami Malek (Mr. Robot) has a worthwhile supporting role.

HardcoreHenry_1-WEBMore fun than it has a right to be, Hardcore Henry (2016) is similar to watching a first-person shooter game. With a camera attached to Henry’s head, we watch him from the moment he wakes up on an operating table, a man with no memories at all. Horribly mangled & dead, he has been brought back to life as a super-soldier. A very good sci-fi flick, with the always watchable South African actor Sharlto Copley in multiple, hilarious roles.

amnesiacFinally, Wes Bentley & Kate Bosworth star in Amnesiac (2015). This too is a story about a guy waking up with no memory of his past life & a beautiful woman claiming to be his wife. This film could be compared to Memento, though not as heavy-handed.

Here’s hoping nobody spontaneously combusts while listening to this episode. It is getting hot here & the magnificent Splutt Building has no air conditioning. Excuse me while I join the rest of the staff in the rusty shower cubicle in the basement. Cheers! Podcast 196 — The Boy (2016), High-Rise, Son of Saul, Plan 9, Lavalantula, Hell & Back, Spotlight

theBoy 2016

Lauren Cohan gets The Boy

An unpleasantly warm & humid greeting to you, dear listener. Welcome to another episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted once more by those sweaty guys Jerry & Mark. Are you ready? Then let’s begin.

The lovely Lauren Cohan — Maggie on The Walking Dead — plays an American nanny lost in an English world of the fantastic in The Boy. Though her new charge is a lifeless dummy, some decidedly creepy goings-on convince her that there is more to her job than just playing with dolls.

highriseFollowing that is an odd movie, an allegory for the class system & an opportunity for dry wit. Tom Hiddleston stars in High-rise, along with a host of very good British actors including Jeremy Irons. The film is based on a novel by J.G. Ballard. If you know any of that author’s work, you know he could create a mighty peculiar world.

Son of Saul is set in the horrific world of the Sonderkommando, the Nazi concentration camp inmates forced to do the dirty work of pushing people into the gas chambers, robbing them & then disposing of the corpses. One day a boy arrives whom Saul (Geza Rohrig) believes is his son. The majority of the movie is taken up with Saul’s attempt to give the child a Jewish burial. It is scarier than any horror movie & very well done.


Plan 9 has large intentions. Supposedly this is a more professionally made version of legendarily awful filmmaker Ed Wood‘s Plan 9 from Outer Space. Does the new movie succeed? Um… no.

Another bad movie — though a lot more fun to watch — is Lavalantula. Starring the once-mighty Steve Guttenberg, this flick from the same producers as the Sharknado series, inflicts gigantic fire-breathing spiders on the poor people of L.A. Hot stuff.

hellandback02The animated feature Hell & Back is about a couple of friends who attempt to rescue a third chum from the flaming pits of Hell. The voices are mostly done by comedic actors, with Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul, Mr. Show) as the scene-stealing Devil. An amusing flick.

Finally, another movie that is not strictly a horror film. Spotlight is the mostly true story of a team of Boston investigative reporters who break the story of Catholic priests sexually abusing children & the cover-up that went all the way to the top of the Catholic Church. You’d think a priest would understand about right & wrong and sin, but it seems not.

Try & stay cool, gang. It’s burning up out there! Podcast 195 — Fear the Walking Dead, The Witch, Couple in a Hole, Capt. America: Civil War, The Survivalist, Requiem for the American Dream, The Man Who Fell to Earth


The Witch sees all, hears all, nose all

Hello to all our friends & nosy listeners out there in the big, smelly world. This honking great episode of The Horror Movie Show — hosted, of course, by the nasal Mark & Jerry — is stuffed full of throbbing, unnatural meat that should be excised & cleared away as soon as possible. Let us start.

First a bit of jibber-jabber about the new season of Fear the Walking Dead. It certainly hasn’t been as exciting as its progenitor, plain old The Walking Dead, but our hosts plunge deeply into various hot, moist cavities to see what they can dig up.


One of the most intriguing movies to cause nosebleeds in recent years, The Witch: A New-England Folktale has a feel of authenticity about it. There is a witch, there is magic, there is even perhaps a devil in the form of a large, black billygoat. But the psychological underpinnings of The Witch are far more interesting than the addlepated nonsense believed by ignorant superstitious primitives. (Sounds like we’re talking about Trump supporters.) Well worth a look, though the old-timey British accents may be tough on a lazy ear or clogged nose.

coupleInaHoleCostarring the same actress as The WitchKate Dickie —writer-director Tom GeensCouple in a Hole is a quirky tale of madness from grief & how atonement can sometimes make things much worse. A little European movie that relies on a great script & fine acting to entertain, it is proof that a big budget isn’t necessary to a good movie.

captAmericaCivilWarOn the other hand, Mark reviews Captain America: Civil War to see just what a quarter of a billion dollars can buy today. A lot of special effects, for one, and special appearances by Spidey & Ant-Man. Those guys don’t come cheap.

survivalistAnother small British movie, The Survivalist does not rely on wandering zombies to make a future almost empty of human beings into a terrifying place. More closely allied with the excellently gloomy The Road (book first, movie second), this is a dark tale of surviving by the skin of the nose.

Mentioned briefly, Noam Chomsky‘s perhaps final interviews before the camera make up the majority of Requiem for the American Dream. If you are a fan of Bernie Sanders, you will likely like this documentary.

The man who fell to earth 4The episode wraps with a review of the excellent & hypnotic The Man Who Fell to Earth. Arguably David Bowie‘s best film role, the story of an alien from a drought-ravaged planet searching for water to take home is both heart-wrenching & more timely today than ever. The supporting cast — most notably Candy Clark, Rip Torn & Buck Henry — are all wonderful. This is a good place to start if you want to know another side of the Thin White Duke, so recently removed from our gigantic sinus of existence. Hope you enjoy!


Finally, on a personal note, Jerry thanks all those kind folks who have been supportive of his recent nasal surgery trials. After six days, the surgeon says all went very well & many years of better breathing is in store for our loudmouthed, self-centred cohost. Cheers, you guys. You’re the best.