Podcast 15 — Fave raves part 1

Something for a chilly night…

Whatever your taste in horror flicks might be, from the salty to the nasty, from the hilarious to the intellectual, the Horror Movie Show hosts Mark & Jerry have got something for you in this latest podcast. Pull up a coffin, take your muddy shoes off, knock the head off a tall, frosty corpse and enjoy as Jerry & Mark discuss some of their all-time favourite horror movies. Why not? You’ve got something better to do?

6 thoughts on “ Podcast 15 — Fave raves part 1

  1. Well, hi there Nicole. Great to hear from you. I think you’d be a natural in the horror movie biz. Perhaps you could write scripts or be a dialogue coach. Good luck with that!

  2. And pick up your forks! All this talk about blood and dead clowns has got me hungry! I could use some lightly grilled clown sausages. So delicious — and so funny!

  3. So good to hear from you again, Nicole. Your invitation to indulge in necrophilia is both tempting and highly illegal. I think I’ll pass, but thank you for the offer.

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