Podcast 16 — Fave raves part 2

The bestest, bloodiest and beastliest

Here are even more grand and glorious horror movies chosen out of thousands by the hosts of the Horror Movie Show, the multitalented and only slightly nasty Jerry & Mark. We here at wish you the very best of luck in finding a good time with this podcast.

3 thoughts on “ Podcast 16 — Fave raves part 2

  1. Just a comment, the in Dracula who dresses like a cowboy and is very American is in the book and is pretty much exactly like that. Not that that makes it make more sense, but hey at least it was the way Bram Stoker wrote it :P

  2. Thanks Kim. It’s years since I read Stoker’s original and did not remember the cowboy. What an odd touch, but I guess when the book was new there really were cowboys riding around the wild, wild West.

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