Podcast 24 — Priest & other new movies

What’s new in the movie palaces?

On this episode of the Horror Movie Show, hosted by Mark & Jerry, the guys chat about several worthwhile new flicks… and also Priest. What other movies are critiqued, discussed, dissected and disgorged? How about Matt Damon‘s The Adjustment Bureau, based on the story by SF stalwart Philip K. Dick? How about I Am Number Four, starring pretty-boy Alex Pettyfer? And, last but definitely not least, we include a review of Season of the Witch, starring Nicolas Cage and the always entertaining Ron Perlman. So sit back, turn the volume to 11 and enjoy….

4 thoughts on “ Podcast 24 — Priest & other new movies

  1. Awesome podcast guys :) You joke about someone listening to 10 of these in a row, but I’ve been listening to them back to back for like a week now while I’m at work, as it gives me something awesome to listen to. I’m working backwards though, so I’m away back at ep. 63 with horror guy and horror gal.

  2. Thanks Kim, you’re a peach. Glad we can help you pass the hours at your job. Hope it isn’t micro-brain-surgery or something else on which you must concentrate. We’d hate to be the cause of someone losing the feeling all down their left side.

  3. Ha ha nah I’m just at a computer writing all day, so it’s the perfect thing to be listening to. Though I look forward to the day I accidently write Zombies or something in an article by mistake. :) Looking forward to the next podcast.

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