Podcast 36 — The Terminator franchise

I told you I’d be back…

The geniuses who put together The Horror Movie Show (lovingly provided courtesy of do a lot of talking in this episode about the original — and arguably the best — of The Terminator movies, then go through the sequels one by one, ending with a loving lot of blether about the long-expired TV series. However, your hosts Jerry & Mark should have paid attention to The Terminator extras on the DVD. On that disc, writer & director James Cameron talks about how he came up with the idea of the Terminator killer-robot while stuck in a European hotel room with a sweaty fever. Not as interesting as what Mark & Jerry have to say, but those two are just making this all up. I strongly suspect they know nothing! Nothing!!!

2 thoughts on “ Podcast 36 — The Terminator franchise

  1. Hi! I just wanted to thank both of you for the podcasts! I love them!
    I really don’t mind the off-topic discussions, I actually like them. Please don’t change!(Although I wouldn’t mind listening to more Ernie and Burt! Ha, ha!)

    Samia (France)

  2. Thank you for your comment, Samia of France. Knowing we have a French listener pushes us still further to record alternate language versions of The Horror Movie Show for all those poor souls around the globe who don’t speak English. Our hearts go out to you.

    Watching a lot of horror movies — and both Mark & myself watch a lot — can be a bit harsh, even a bit depressing, particularly if the movies are bad. So the off-topic discussions are a way to get ourselves revved up and ready to give you guys the straight skinny on what’s good and what’s definitely not.

    And here’s a link to a mildly amusing takeoff on Bert & Ernie, our favourite cohabiting Muppets:

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