Podcast 54 — Repo THIS!

Brad Pitt nude under his clothes

Reviewed this week: Jude Law is a man with a broken heart and an employer who wants to rip its mechanical replacement right out of his living chest in Repo Men. Also on the bill: The Hunters (hint: don’t wear the orange vest), The Frankenstein Syndrome and the wacky, zany, madcap horror-comedy Some Guy Who Kills People.

The Horror Movie Show is pleased to donate the rest of its space here to Mr. Brad Pitt. He would like to speak on the subject of how much he likes the changes that could soon occur here at Mr. Pitt, though a talented thespian, seemed to have trouble understanding our simple, straightforward plan to move a large potted plant from one room to another. He was seen at one point scratching his head and making a wry face into a mirror.

Ladies and gentlemen, with no further ado… Mr. Brad Pitt.

“Hello, good day, hey there & welcome to our new & improved Horror Movie Show. [Grunts] Huh! It is, like always, hosted by your — huh! — subgenial hosts Mark & Jerry. Those scalliwags! [Laughs] Huh-huh-huh… Actually, the two of them are fine when they are separated. Mostly they lie on the ground and pick at themselves. But, like, quiet. But, you know, you put those two nuts in the same room and mayhem WILL ensue!

“Um, yeah… In any case, it’s a cool site and Angie was just saying last night that it’s the best podcasted horror thing or whatever, you know, that’s like going on around in the whole universal cosmos thing. So whatever. I listen to it & I like it. End of story. I’m outta here. Nice to see you.”

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