Podcast 56 — Your Final Destination

Bashed, trashed, dashed & slashed

The latest episode of The Horror Movie Show, with your Maccabean and revolting hosts Mark & Jerry, features several new horror flicks, some personal comments that should not be repeated and a dash of something that could be table salt. Hope it’s not anthrax spores. Doesn’t taste like salt…. Uh-oh.

To begin, the newest entry in the Final Destination series — FD5 — gets the once-over. Could this be the last entry in that gorey and entertaining series? Also discussed with proper disgust are the James Cameron-produced Sanctum, the interesting remake of an old TV episode titled The Box (starring the always watchable Cameron Diaz) and, of course, the latest two episodes of the excellent series The Walking Dead.

For those that enjoy Jerry’s rants & angry comments about the GOP loonies and their race to win back the Outhouse — I mean White House — best listen again to Podcast 55. There is almost no discussion of politics in this episode. Or in this introduction, for that matter.

As always, comments from our loyal listeners are sought and desired. I wish the same could be said of me.

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