Podcast 76 — Nazi horror flicks: Part 2

German horror movies can’t match reality

Welcome to the second part of The Horror Movie Show‘s special edition about Nazis involved in shenanigans from beyond the grave. Hosted, as always, by Mark & Jerry, this episode includes reviews of several recent Nazi horror flicks, including the 2011 Finnish-made War of the Dead, Nazis at the Center of the Earth, The 25th Reich and Iron Sky. These last three are all brand new, demonstrating that interest in crazed German warmongers is hardly a thing of the past.

As well, Jerry & Mark manage to slip in a few comments about other notable Nazi video-nasties, such as Marathon Man, the original Star Trek episode in which some Federation idiot turns a peaceful planet into a version of Hitler’s Germany, and even Gregory Peck hamming it up in The Boys from Brazil.

So take a break from the hot weather and listen to our hosts with the ghosts babble about the possibility of undead Nazi battalions and secret German war installations on the dark side of the moon. Better than mowing the lawn in this heat.

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