Podcast 79 — Total Recall gets totally remade

Horror movies return from beyond!

Hello folks! We are moderately proud to present the latest episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by the repeatedly flatulent Jerry & Mark. This week’s episode is the first of a three-parter on remakes of horror flicks, beginning with Total Recall. Both the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Colin Farrell versions get the once-over by our hapless hosts.

Also on deck is a pair (actually a quadruped) of Stephen King stories: Carrie and The Shining. Both versions of The Day the Earth Stood Still are reviewed, as are the two very different take on the H.G. Wells‘ classic (The) War of the Worlds. Finally, our jabbering monkeymen discuss the ever-lovin’ Planet of the Apes. Hard to beat the original, what with Moses letting his damn dirty backside hang out, but there you go.

If I might take this opportunity to say that the recent remake of Coma was particularly awful — another disappointing remake from A&E, the network that tries and continues to fail to come up to the super-high standard set by AMC — and also that I think I’m having problems with my duodenum. Just so y’all know.

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