Podcast 81 — The Philadelphia Experiment: Try again

Beware of desperate Hollywood producers!

Continuing our series of brand-new episodes of The Horror Movie Show — hosted as ever by Jerry & Mark, those scamps — is another look at chilling, thrilling movie remakes. This week the boys discuss several originals & remakes, starting with the recent rehashing of The Philadelphia Experiment. The original was no great hell, so what’s the point of remaking it? Ah, Hollywood… I weep for your children.

Following that, our hairless hosts move onto a comparison of the Spanish horror flick Rec & its U.S.-made version, Quarantine. Then it’s fun with vampire children with Let the Right One In and Let Me In. Horror maven John Carpenter‘s ground-breaking Halloween is compared with Rob Zombie‘s 2007 remake. And we wrap this remade episode with a comparison of the three versions of King Kong (1933, 1976 & 2005).

We here at The Horror Movie Show sincerely hope that you do not find yourself remade one morning by a greedy producer. Lock the door before going to bed.

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