Podcast 82 — Men in Black 3: Inalienable wrongs

Once more into the Void for the first time

Good day to you, dear listener. This week’s episode of The Horror Movie Show features a plethora of blethering about new movies, including Will Smith‘s latest yapfest, Men in Black 3. Your slime-coated hosts, Mark & Jerry, aim their tiny little laser pistols at this big-budget rehash & slice up yet another bloody, quivering hunk of a sequel.

Also on the menu: Our second review of the once hotly anticipated Prometheus, director Ridley Scott‘s prequel to his fabulous, trend-setting Alien. Sure, the movie looks magnificent — as does Charlize Theron — but is Prometheus worth the trip?

Lower budget movies discussed — and 99 per cent of all other movies are lower budget than the two films above — include Mark’s take on Twixt, directed by the legendary Francis Ford Coppola, the seemingly deadended Shuttle and a surprisingly good little British flick, Piggy. So grab a warm beer, wrap your fingers around a bacon butty and listen up, you blokes & blokettes. Cheers!

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