Podcast 95 — The Possession & more

New movies: The Possession, Citadel,
Cockneys Vs. Zombies & Excision

Good day to all our fine, upstanding listeners of The Horror Movie Show. And good day as well to all our coarse, supine listeners. Having returned from our holiday break refreshed & ready to keep watching video nasties just for you, hosts Jerry & Mark give their two-bit opinions on a quartet of hideous new flicks.

Eschewing the traditional horror theme of Christian demonic problems, 2012′s The Possession pits family man Jeffrey Dean Morgan & his young daughter against a malevolent Jewish entity. Let this be a lesson to all who frequent unholy yard-sales!

Also reviewed are the ultra-bloody Excision and a pair of British horror flicks. Citadel is serious; Cockneys Vs. Zombies is not so serious. Are they worth watching? Listen to this episode & all will be revealed.


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