Podcast 109 — Oblivion, K–11 & Wes Craven Part 3

Tom Cruises & Wes Craven creeps into the future

A jolly greeting to the potentially millions of listeners from your yappy friends at‘s The Horror Movie Show. This episode features your babbling hosts Jerry & Mark discussing Tom Cruise‘s latest sci-fi epic Oblivion, as well as the low-budget prison movie K–11. Each film features plenty of twists & turns, but have little else in common.

The main meat of this new podcast is devoted to our third & final segment on horror maven Wes Craven. Your ghost-faced hosts commence the proceedings with 1996 megahit Scream, arguably as successful a franchise as Craven’s own Nightmare on Elm Street series.

We follow that with Cursed (2005), the director’s werewolf movie. Next up is the excellent thriller Red Eye (also 2005), a feature that amply demonstrates Craven can step out of the horror dungeon to deliver the mainstream goods.A brief mention of Craven’s segment in the classy 2006 anthology Paris, je t’aime follows. And finally Mark & Jerry talk about My Soul to Take (2010), a return to Craven’s older style of teens & scream queens. Enjoy.