Podcast 110 — Man of Steel, Byzantium & 2 Gorean flicks

Look! Up in the sky! It’s Henry Cavill on wires!

Hello to all the ships at sea & all the ships in drydock from your friendly friends at The Horror Movie Show. Though one of our hospitable hosts has a headcold, good ol’ Mark & Jerry are more than happy to cough up their thoughts on the latest Superman incarnation in Man of Steel. True, some have suggested this movie should have been titled Man of Aluminum (“It’s… weak & dull”), but let’s leave it to our hosts to spit out their opinions.

Also on deck: Byzantium, a fresh take on bloodsucking babes. Directed by Neil Jordan, starring Saoirse Ronan & Gemma Atherton, this is a wild ride well worth taking.

Next, Jerry & Mark discuss yet another in a long line of mediocrities from the desperate goobers at Syfy. The man with the giant pearly-whites, Erik Estrada, stars in Chupacabra Vs. the Alamo. What could be more terrifying than a huge pack of Mexican monsters? Well… Erik Estrada, for one. Best thing about this flick was getting to see the legendary basement of the Alamo.

Finally, this episode of your favourite horror podcast includes a review of not one, but two Korean hits: Oldboy & I Saw the Devil. Thanks to our loyal listeners for suggesting these tasty, raw Asian delicacies.

So pull up a piece of floor, cross your legs & dig into the kimchi. This is one spicy episode!