Podcast 111 — Dark Skies, ABCs of Death, Cloud Atlas & more

Aliens, 26 different deaths
& multiple mania

A gracious good day to our favourite listeners — which includes you. Yes, you! Thank you for just being there for us, even as we are there for you. Welcome to this episode of The Horror Movie Show, jampacked full of intense cinematic highjinks.

Starting with a review of science-fiction frightener Dark Skies, your jovial hosts Jerry & Mark take you on a ride in a metaphorical flying saucer. Caught in the supersonic wake of that flick are reviews of the anthology horror movie, The ABCs of Death. Twenty-six separate tiny horror movies in one production. Yow!

The poetically confusing Cloud Atlas is next, with such acting luminaries as Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving and Jim Sturgess embody multiple roles. And we do mean multiple!

The almost-worthwhile effort of Cool as Hell is next, written & starring & directed by James Balsamo. This one is not for everybody.

Finally, wrapping up this week’s show is an in-depth review of Dante’s Inferno Animated. Virtually another anthology, this feature flick is an interesting combination of Asian anime & bits culled from Dante Alighieri‘s masterwork. Considerably bloodier than the original, this movie deals with demons the way a dozen fat guys deal with a smorgasbord. Deliciously!