Podcast 120 — Walking Dead S4 premiere, Fright Nights, Solomon Kane

Another new beginning for
The Walking Dead

Howdy doody to one & all. Episode No. 120 of The Horror Movie Show, hosted as per usual by Mark & Jerry, is ready for your lugs to take in & your frontal lobes to consider.

Big news here in the mighty Splutt Building is the premiere of season four of The Walking Dead, undoubtedly the favourite zombie-based TV series currently on the air. Once again, Rick & his crew do battle with the staggering hordes of uncuddly undead monsters & even less cuddly human maniacs. Spoiler alert! Our horrible hosts do give away much as they discuss this first episode of the new season.

Having now seen the original Fright Night & the peculiar “sequel” to the 2011 remake, our yappy reviewers delve deeply into the world of Jerry Dandridge in all his or her incarnations. The consistencies between the three movies is startling, but one thing is clear: the Vampire Jerry is a bad neighbour.

Finally, the guys examine 2009′s Solomon Kane, a Dark Ages tale of devilry, magicks & vengeance. Is it worth seeing? Find out on this episode of The Horror Movie Show on You have been warned.