Podcast 124 — The Walking Dead, Dracula: The Dark Prince, Curse of Chucky, We Are What We Are

Loverboy Dracula just can’t say no

Once again, dear listeners, is fairly pleased to bring you another episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by huge-headed heroes Jerry & Mark. And by “huge-headed” I refer to the sudden bout of water on the brain each has suffered. Perhaps it’s too many bad movies; perhaps it’s too many donuts. In any case, the guys discuss several movies & everyone’s favourite zombie TV series, The Walking Dead. As always, be on guard for walkers & spoilers.

Following The Walking Dead chat — up to & including the fourth episode of the third season — our critical thinkers attempt to drive a stake into the heart of Dracula: The Dark Prince. This 2013 feature attempts to spin itself off of Francis Ford Coppola‘s much-loved version of the bloodsucker legend. Keep your eyes peeled for the once might Jon Voight as Leonardo Van Helsing.

Next is the latest version of a much-loved horror series, 2013′s Curse of Chucky. All your favourites are back — and we do mean all. If you enjoy seeing & hearing a cute doll cuss like a rabid sailor, this movie may be just the ticket.

Putting a nice neat bow on this episode is a debate about the merits of 2013′s We Are What We Are, a U.S. remake of a recent Mexican horror flick. The plot: a rural family tries to keep up the arcane & unsavoury traditions of their bloodline. Maybe it’s time to leave the woods & go to Disneyland.

Till next week, friends, watch out for the hungry guy behind that tree….