Podcast 126 — Escape from Tomorrow, Paintball, Maniac, Adventures of Serial Buddies, Age of Dinosaurs

The Happiest Movie on Earth

¡Hola! Prepare yourselves for an all-new episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by those guys Jerry & Mark. This week the boys offer up opinions on a wide range of horrible movies.

The controversial Escape from Tomorrow is a new flick that was shot in California’s Disneyland & Florida’s Disney World, without consent of the Disney company. A weird tale of a family man’s mental breakdown (at least, that’s one interpretation), this black & white movie is a bit Goofy, a little Dopey, but definitely unique.

2009′s Paintball is the simple story of some friends who want to play at mock war & soon find themselves embroiled in the real thing. Maniac (2012) is a remake of an earlier horror movie shot from the point of view of the maniac himself. Starring the impish Elijah Wood, Frodo Baggins has never been naughtier.

The final two flicks reviewed are 2011 Adventures of Serial Buddies, about a pair of murderous misfits who become fast friends, and Age of Dinosaurs, a Jurassic Park wanna-be. All things considered, the filmmakers should have been devoured by a giant Tyrannosaur & saved everyone the trouble.