Podcast 127 — Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Eyes without a Face, Outpost III, Funny Games, 13: Game of Death, The Walking Dead

Foreign fare & more Walking Dead

A jolly good day to all our listeners (both of you). We are only slightly ashamed to bring you another episode of The Horror Movie Show, featuring your gloriously obtuse hosts Mark & Jerry.

While the boys begin this week’s reviews with an arrow through the neck of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, most of the movies in this extra-long episode are more-or-less foreign films — unless you live in one of those countries, in which case we send greetings from our own exotic locale.

Eyes without a Face is a 1959 French feature. This movie didn’t invent the surgical horror genre, but it remains one of the best of that kind. Following that is Outpost III: Rise of the Spetsnaz, a new flick out of the U.K. The German laugh-riot Funny Games (1997) is next. This one was recently remade for an American audience, but the original — often the case — is the real deal. Final feature reviewed is 13: Game of Death, a Thai movie from 2006.

With the eighth episode of The Walking Dead now behind us, Jerry & Mark roll up their frayed sleeves & muck in, sorting through the cold but still-twitching body-parts in an attempt to make sense of our favourite TV series. There are spoilers, so be warned. The two-month hiatus before further new episodes can be tough on some of us, so let’s be careful out there.