Podcast 129 — The Last Days on Mars, Stranded, You Can’t Kill Stephen King, The Frozen Ground, Antisocial

Quick, somebody open a hatch! (Gag…)

Happiest of new years to our gallant, space-faring listeners! Welcome to the latest episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted as always by the bilious & turkey-bloated Jerry & Mark, whizzing & pooting their way above the stratosphere.

We begin our tour of the solar system with The Last Days on Mars, a quirky low-key monster movie set on the red planet. The massively jowled Liev Schreiber stars, with Elias Koteas, Romola Garai & Olivia Williams, in a tale reminiscent of other alien monster movies.

Next up is Stranded, a movie that should have been placed in a tiny capsule on the top of a powerful rocket & blasted into the heart of the Sun. Star Christian Slater, writer Christian Piers Betley & director Roger Christian have created an unholy mess. Even at low-gravity, this movie sucks hard.

You Can’t Kill Stephen King is more akin to fan-fiction, than an actual motion picture. The Frozen Ground gives both Nicolas Cage & John Cusack a chance to chew the scenery. And Antisocial is a clever zombie flick focused around something quite a bit like Facebook. Plus, it’s set on New Year’s Eve! Yay! Where’s my bottle of champagne???