Podcast 130 — Ender’s Game, The Monkey’s Paw, Possession (1981), From Within, Hello Herman

possessionTeenagers: The ultimate horror

Happy, happy new year to everyone out there in Listenerland. Mark & Jerry, gallant hosts of The Horror Movie Show, wish you the very best for the coming year. May we all enjoy the fruits of our labour & not just the pits.

The latest episode features a pimply mix of titles, several having to do with those “difficult” teenaged years. The show begins with the tween-focused space opera Ender’s Game. As with most big-budget SFX movies, this one looks great — though Harrison Ford is on his way to most craggly ever. But is this movie more than eye candy? The audience for this flick is similar to the few fans of recent space-bomb After Earth. Does Ender’s Game succeed? Listen now.

Also reviewed is the 2013 iteration of classic horror story The Monkey’s Paw. Then comes one of the oddest movies yet reviewed by Jerry & Mark: Possession. This 1981 movie stars skinny Sam Neill & luscious Isabelle Adjani. The actress’s scene of psychotic breakdown or fit or dance in a deserted subway station is amazing. Possession is a classic, one understands, but is it fun?

From Within (2007) features more teens in terrible trouble… And the last movie discussed is 2012′s Hello Herman, about a mass-murdering teen, his motives, his inner life (or lack thereof) & his future. Hello Herman costars Norman Reedus, one of the superheroes of The Walking Dead. So lock the doors & be prepared to deal with some pesky zombies— I mean, teens. You kids better be quiet… Do I have to come up there?