Podcast 138 — Beneath, Patrick (’78 & ’13), Fantastic Planet, The After

beneathDirector Larry Fessenden gets a bite

Hallo folks! Everyone here wishes all of you the very best in trying to enjoy this episode of The Horror Movie Show. Hosted, as ever, by madcap Mark & zany Jerry, this particular offering is a hodgepodge of movies ranging from the spooky to the  frightening. Not much of a range, really.

First up is Beneath, a good old-fashioned creature feature directed by a man much in demand in the horror biz: Larry Fessenden. An actor of renown — last year he appeared in You’re Next & Jug Face, both top 10 flicks — listen up to hear how he handles the helm of this low-budget tale of young people & one big hungry fish.

Australian shocker Patrick (1978) has been remade & surprisingly it’s still Australian. The 2013 version stars Sharni Vinson — the heroine of the just-mentioned You’re Next — and sticks pretty close to the original storyline. Adding a few words to the title (Patrick: Evil Awakens) & a few choice actors (Charles Dance & Rachel Griffiths) has upped the budget, but has it made for a better movie?

Fantastic Planet (1973) is a feature-length French animation about humans kept as pets by gigantic blue humanoids. The sheer strangeness of the movie is fun & the cartooning is not bad.

Finally, Jerry & Mark wrap things up with a discussion of The After, a pilot episode for a possible series of apocalyptic dimension. A strong cast, including horror staple Andrew Howard, & Lost-like weirdness makes this EOTW story interesting. But we need to see more to truly judge. There’s the rub!