Podcast 139 — The Walking Dead (S4E9–13), RoboCop (’14), The Howling, Patrick (’13), Thanatomorphose, Stitch

robocopWerewolves, demons & zombies, oh boy!

Greetings once again, dear listeners. We are somewhat proud to bring you another episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by those garrulous SOBs Jerry & Mark. After the obligatory blether about the most recent episodes of everyone’s favourite zombie apocalyptic TV series The Walking Dead, the guys get into a wide-ranging discussion of some new & not-so-new motion pictures.

A brief mention of RoboCop, the recent remake or reboot of the excellent original. While discussion is kept to a minimum till Mark has managed to see this version of the cop-turned-into-superhero story, Jerry is not shy about giving his two-bit opinion. Nothing new there.

Next up is a bit of chat about the classic 1981 werewolf flick The Howling. Directed by Joe Dante & starring scream queen supreme Dee Wallace, this movie still stands up pretty well on its four feet. Or does it?

And because Mark finally saw the remake of Patrick, the boys again & briefly discuss this winner starring lovely Australian actress Sharni Vinson, chilly Rachel Griffith & menacing Charles Dance.

2012′s Thanatomorphose is a horror movie about a woman with some sort of flesh-eating disease. Or possibly bad personal hygiene. In any case, this is not a film for the squeamish. Neither is the final flick discussed on this week’s show: Stitch. A group of friends in an empty house in the middle of nowhere are sliced & sewn back up by a gruesome force from beyond this realm — possibly a demonic tailor. Sounds unique, doesn’t it?

So check to make sure the moon is not full tonight & have a quick shower. It’s time for The Horror Movie Show!