Podcast 140 — I, Frankenstein, Blue Jasmine, Rawhead Rex, Caveman, Scream Park, I Am Monster

IFrankensteinMonsters of all sorts

A pleasant good day to you, dear listener. Welcome to another episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by Mark & Jerry.

Starting with a look at I, Frankenstein, the guys have much to say about this comic book-based addendum to the tale of Victor Frankenstein’s most-famous creation. That is immediately followed with a spirited debate about the pros & cons of Woody Allen‘s ostensible foray into horror: Blue Jasmine. Star Cate Blanchett won an Oscar for her role as the title character.

A couple of oldies are next. Rawhead Rex (1986) is a much-loved demonic horror set in the spooky country of Ireland. Caveman (1981) is a very silly movie starring Ringo Starr as a caveman. What else?

Next reviewed is Scream Park, an ultra-low-budget bit of terror written & directed by Cary Hill. Worthwhile or not? You’ll hear all about it in this episode.

And the final flick being pored over is a short written & directed by Lori Bowen & Shannon Lark titled I Am Monster. This well-made little movie would have fit perfectly with our recent episode about necrophilia. Oh well, the guys can dig it up & dress it nice & pretty for the next go-round. Cheers!