Podcast 141 — Nothing Left to Fear, All Is Lost, Almost Human, Hell, Nurse, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

C&C101_NothingLeftToFear_1sht_R7_P.inddHorror fun comes in many forms

A gracious good day to you (yes, you), gentle listener. We are pleased you have chosen to spend your time listening to this episode of The Horror Movie Show, rather than digging another pit in the basement or trying to get your guest to put the lotion in the basket. Your hosts Jerry & Mark will endeavour to entertain & illuminate.

A review of the interesting Nothing Left to Fear begins this week’s discussion of horror movies. A tale of a little town with a very large secret, this 2013 flick stars lovely Rebekah Brandes, burly holyman Clancy Brown & the ever-pointy Anne Heche.

Next up is the remarkable one-man-show All Is Lost, in which lone star Robert Redford is in serious trouble on a sailboat in the middle of the Pacific. Eesh… This is followed by low-budget alien murder-romp Almost Human, written and directed by Joe Begos.

German-made Hell is next, about a knot of volk trying to survive the baking-hot world of the near-future. Then the guys peek under the starched white uniform of Nurse, director Douglas Aarniokoski‘s nasty tale of a gal with a serious mental issue or three.

Finally, a discussion of the ’60s TV show The Alfred Hitchcock Hour touches on two specific episodes — Consider Her Ways (based on a John Wyndham story) and Where the Woodbine Twineth — to give an idea of the style of this excellent & wide-ranging series. You know, this Hitchcock boy might do all right for himself, given a little luck & some hard work.