Podcast 142 — The Walking Dead S4 finale, RoboCop (1987 & 2014), The Den, Wishmaster

Rub this… Go on… Rub it!

Once again, your dandy hosts Mark & Jerry argue & whine about horror entertainment on this episode of The Horror Movie Show. Zombies, cyborgs, computer maniacs & evil djinn abound.

The guys begin with a final recap for season 4 of The Walking Dead & what a finale it was. Rick & Co. appear to be in a tight spot, though that’s nothing new. We’ll all have to wait till October to find out what comes next.

Though Jerry blethered recently for a few moments about the reboot or remake of RoboCop, Mark has finally caught up & a deeply philosophical discussion takes place about which version is better — 1987 or 2014? No big prize for guessing which flick these sticks-in-the-mud prefer.

The low-budget but well-made shocker The Den is next. Starring Melanie Papalia, this movie was co-written & directed by Zachary Donohue.

Finally, in keeping with the recently instituted tradition of self-education in the field of horror movies, the boys talk about 1997′s Wishmaster. This film started a small avalanche of sequels, so the original must have done something right. Listen now & hear all, O Powerful Listener!