Podcast 145 — A Single Shot, Bait, The Human Race, Contracted, The Grand Budapest Hotel

a-single-shot-review-rockwellRockwell again hits the bull’s-eye

Welcome dear listeners to The Horror Movie Show, hosted by twin terrors Jerry & Mark. This week the fellows have a slew of new movies to critique. Please, won’t you join them?

First up is Sam Rockwell in A Single Shot (2013), another great character from this most talented of character actors. Sam is one of those dudes who is simply fun to watch, whether playing a villain in The Green Mile or comic relief in Galaxy Quest. This particular movie is deadly serious, but still a lot of fun.

Favourite actress of the HMPod guys is Sharni Vinson, so good in You’re Next & the recent remake of Patrick. This Australia-Singapore coproduction, Bait, pits Sharni against a supermarket full of sharks. Yeehaw!

A pair of low-budget flicks is next — Paul Hough‘s The Human Race & Eric England‘s Contracted. Sometimes those little movies can surprise.

Finally, Jerry waxes rhapsodic over writer-director Wes Anderson‘s latest feast for the eyes, The Grand Budapest Hotel. While definitely not horror, a good amount of fantasy is involved in this story of one man’s working life at a formerly luxurious destination. And any Wes Anderson movie is worth discussing.

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