Podcast 147 — Haunter, Society (’89), PMS Cop, Runaway Train (’85), Delicatessen (’91)

Haunter_screamRunaway teens hungry for humanity

Blessings be upon thee & thine, welcome to another episode of The Horror Movie Show. Hosted by Jerry & Mark, this week the guys discuss a couple of new flicks & a few older gems.

Directed by Vincenzo Natali, the 2013 ghost story Haunter stars young Abigail Breslin as a ghost on a mission. In fact, Abigail is just one of a long line of teenaged ghosts being menaced by a spooky force in the old house. There goes the resale value.

Next up is Brian Yuzna‘s 1989 horror about teenaged angst & discovering that your family is not who you believe them to be: Society. Pretty much like real life.

The low-budget action-horror of PMS Cop is up next & consider this fair warning. The no-name cast does not provide any relief as bizarre choice is piled on silliness. At least Megan Dehart, playing Dr. Sellers, is a fabulous babe.

And two classics wrap this episode. Andrey Konchalovskiy directed (from a screenplay originally written by Akira Kurosawa) the wonderful Runaway Train. Starring Jon Voight, Eric Roberts & Rebecca De Mornay, this 1985 thrill-ride offers nonstop action & surprisingly deep insights into humanity’s dark nature.

Speaking of dark nature, the 1991 French feature Delicatessen is a slice of extreme weirdness. Set in a post-apocalyptic world of cannibals & good manners, directors Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet have created something unique. Eat it up — yum!