Podcast 149 — The Sacrament, The Upper Footage, The Quiet Ones, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Parents

sacramentThe Sacrament is worth taking

Hello, good day & welcome to another episode of The Horror Movie Show. This week your toadying hosts Jerry & Mark sycophantically blab on about several scary movies & one that is not scary, but still fantastical.

The show begins with Ti West‘s excellent The Sacrament, a slice of life look at a death-cult camp as witnessed by some reporters who have a bigger story than they possibly imagined. Based loosely on the true-life Jim-Jonestown massacre, The Sacrament is a very effective & horrifying look at some good people who believe a bad leader.

Next on deck is The Upper Footage, aka Upper, about a group of super-rich 20-somethings who use & abuse a working-class woman to death. The subsequent hysteria, cover-up & misery is no less than these monsters deserve. The producers behind this feature claim it is actual recovered footage from the night in question.

The Quiet Ones is a less-over-the-top British flick about tackling demonic possession through proper scientific study. Yeah, right. Director John Pogue holds the action together in this interesting tale.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, directed by & starring Ben Stiller, might seem to be merely another frothy little comedy, but this is a fantasy with depth as well as laughs. Once again, Stiller proves he is more than just a funny face.

Finally, the guys step back to 1989 to discuss Parents, a quirky little movie about a kid who suspects his mum & dad are rather more monstrous than the typical ’50s folks. Directed by Bob Balaban, Randy Quaid & Mary Beth Hurt are fine as parents who spend a little too much time barbecuing.

As a sort of side to the main course, Jerry dishes some info on British TV shows Dead Set & Ghostwatch. More about those once Mark has seen ‘em. Sound tasty? Then go on back for seconds.