Podcast 150 — Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, All Cheerleaders Die, Vamp U, Superman 2 (Donner version), Theatre of Blood

paranormal-activity-the-marked-ones-2014-jesse-demon-ending-andrew-jacobs-reviewAn amazing accomplishment: #150!

Yes, this is the 150th episode of The Horror Movie Show with Jerry & Mark, those two sons of fun who both weigh a tonne. Be sure to watch the evening news to see whether we managed to get this celebratory building fire under control. Never a good idea to use fireworks indoors.

In any case, the guys begin this very special episode with a review of the Los Angelino-stylin’ Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. This latest outing ditches, for the most part, all the nasty nitwits from the earlier movies in this overbaked series & instead focuses on some nice young people who enjoy spying on their fat neighbour lady. They must be very bored, as viewers will be.

Next up is a pair of video nasties aimed at the high school kids. All Cheerleaders Die is the 2013 remake of Lucky McKee & Chris Sivertson‘s original feature about good-looking flesh-munching teenaged girls. Vamp U, also from 2013, is about good-looking bloodsucker teenaged girls. A fine double-bill.

From 1980 — more or less — comes this peculiarity: Superman 2, but just the bits directed by original boss Richard Donner. While the erstwhile director had to make do with footage shot & not used or footage from the first Supes movie, this version is sort of interesting & a must-see for fans of the much-loved Christopher Reeve.

Finally, as is customary, Mark & Jerry come not to bury a classic horror flick, but to praise it. In this case, the guys discuss the surprisingly gory Vincent Price classic from 1973, Theatre of Blood. Jam-packed with a plethora of aged British character actors (including Michael Hordern, Jack Hawkins, Arthur Lowe, Robert Morley, Dennis Price and Coral Browne), Theatre of Blood is bloody good fun.

So please listen up & enjoy this landmark episode. Only 100 more till we mark #250! Aarrrrghhh……