Commentary 03 — The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

the-cabin-in-the-woods-white-board-imageThird time is the charm

Welcome to the third audio commentary from your pals at The Horror Movie Show, Jerry & Mark. Grab a bowl of popcorn or other suitably salty snack, a bucket of something bubbly & watch one of the most entertaining movies ever to deconstruct a much-loved horror subgenre, The Cabin in the Woods. Teen slasher movies have never made more sense or been so much fun.

Directed by Drew Goddard & co-written with the prolific Joss Whedon, the movie stars Kristen Connolly, Fran Kranz, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison & Jesse Williams. Also on board are hilarious duo Richard Jenkins & Bradley Whitford, with Tim De Zarn outstanding as the spooky Mordecai.

Truth be told, the teen-slasher movies have always left Mark & Jerry a bit cold (not unlike all those attractive, bleeding corpses). But The Cabin in the Woods manages to inject such a large amount of humour that this one quickly became a favourite. Some believe it’s a cheap shot at the subgenre, but the correct opinion is that these movies needed a rude shakeup.

As usual, the guys give a quick count-in at the start of the movie for syncing purposes & another later in the movie. There are a couple of special guests — including colour commentator Ted “Alcatraz” Becker, back for his third appearance. So cue up the movie, start the audio & hopefully enjoy.