Book Review: Heavy Metal Movies

heavyMetalMoviesNew book for fans of wild cinema

The subtitle boldly claims: “Guitar barbarians, mutant bimbos & cult zombies amok in the 666 most ear- and eye-ripping big-scream films ever!” Well… that sounds like fun.

Author Mike “McBeardo” McPadden’s 560-page tome contains hundreds of good, fun-to-read reviews of movies that more or less could be considered heavy or metal or both. Obviously a labour of love, the book also contains a plethora of pix — posters & stills & whatnot — that will both enlighten & entertain.

As well as a useful reference, this is a perfect bathroom book; open to any page & there is fun. And if you are the sort of movie fan who thinks there are no movies worth watching you haven’t already seen, Mike will set you straight. From horror to black comedy to interesting “adult” flicks, Heavy Metal Movies is worth owning.

Published by Bazillion Points.