Podcast 154 — X-Men: Days of Future Past, Blade Runner: The Final Cut, Sorcerer (’77), We Are What We Are (’10), Monsters Wanted

Blade-Runner-costumesBlade Runner still sharp as a razor

Hello, good day & welcome to The Horror Movie Show, hosted as ever by those madcap zanies Jerry & Mark. This episode features a variety of sci-fi & horror titles, so there is something for everybody. Or at least some body for every thing.

The guys begin the show talking about the newest X-Men movie, the big-budget FX-fest one would expect. Is it better than one might reasonably expect? Is the Pope an agnostic? It’s possible.

A chestnut from the long-ago-and-far-away youth of Mark & Jerry, director Ridley Scott‘s final kick at the Blade Runner can is a beauty. As influential on future science-fiction flicks as his own, earlier Alien had been, Scott’s masterpiece is based on a novel by Philip K. Dick — which suddenly made Dick’s stories a goldmine for filmmakers. The fellas wax rhapsodic over this 2007 edit of the 1982 movie.

Another golden oldie, Sorcerer stars Roy Scheider & an international cast in a suspenseful & deadly trek across Amazonian jungle to bring highly unstable dynamite to a drilling site. Director William Friedkin was coming off a high with 1973′s The Exorcist when he went in another & very interesting direction. This is a wild ride.

The original version of We Are What We Are is a 2010 Mexican movie that is only tangentially related to the U.S. remake. The question with such a situation is, invariably, which is superior? I think the lads should answer.

Finally, a very entertaining documentary about everything that goes into putting on a massive, modern haunted house display — or however one might describe a venue with several different spook-houses & all that entails. In Monsters Wanted we meet the two or three people who have put up the money; we see the talent being hired; we see the headaches & frustrations. Frankly, it looks like a lot of hard work & fun. Listen now, bwa-ha-ha-ha.