Podcast 155 — The Purge: Anarchy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Child of God, Afflicted, 2 Bedroom 1 Bath, Lucid, Sharknado 2

purge-2-anarchy-traiperPurging, fish stories & galaxy guardians

Howdy-do folks. After taking a few weeks off, your tanned & rested hosts Jerry & Mark return with a powerhouse episode of The Horror Movie Show — now with 100% more Vitamin C! That should end the rumours the show causes scurvy.

The guys begin by taking a baseball bat to the belaboured brains of The Purge: Anarchy, written & directed by James DeMonaco, the same dude who made the first in this series of fantasy flicks. While some might say this is brutality for the sake of ticket sales, there is more to this look-see into an evening of unadulterated violence than mere nastiness. However, there is indeed plenty of violence & lots of people get killed! Yayyy!

Arguably the best of the summer’s blockbusters, Guardians of the Galaxy has been hailed as a work of immense genius that somehow manages to combine the deep philosophical erudition of Jean-Paul Sartre with the artistic vision of Pablo Picasso…. Oh, wait a second — had my notes mixed up. This is another big movie based on a Marvel comic. Worth seeing? Our reviewers — predictably — are split.

James Franco is a well-regarded young actor who has notions of being a movie director. With Child of God, based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy, Franco manages to make this tragic tale of unbounded lunacy & harrowing murder well worth watching. To call this flick intense would be gross understatement.

Two small-budget but worthwhile movies are next discussed. Afflicted is an excellent found-footage flick that was written & directed by (as well as starring) Derek Lee & Clif Prowse. Expect more from this talented pair. A haunted condo story, 2 Bedroom 1 Bath was written & directed by Stanley Yung. Keep your eyes peeled for friend of the show Eric Roberts in a small but handsome role.

Lucid is an excellent short film directed by Kevin K. Shah. This story of a young woman very troubled by her nightmares — and increasingly by her waking life — Lucid was co-written & stars Marion Kerr. (Please excuse the incorrect credit information included in the podcast. Jerry was confused by a similar storyline for another movie also titled Lucid, which has not been seen by him or Mark. This is what happens when one relies too closely on IMDb.)

Finally, a review of what may be the most-fun movie of this summer: Sharknado 2: The Second One. While the stars deliver pretty solid performances, it is the plethora of hilarious cameos that makes this sequel a lot more fun than the original. Sharknado 2 not only jumps the shark — it climbs inside & enjoys a fish supper. Tasty!