Podcast 157 — Children of Sorrow, Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies, Scary or Die, Coyote, Deadly Revisions, Black Water Vampire

billOberstJrLincolnA Bill Oberst Jr. retrospective

Good day to you, poor put-upon listener. Welcome to another edition of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by scary guys Jerry & Mark. This particular show is entirely about one of our fave-raves & an ultra-busy horror actor: Bill Oberst Jr.

The man has made a lot of movies & will undoubtedly make a lot more — including some that are not horror. But the dudes will just be concentrating on a half-dozen frighteners, along with a preview of the then-unavailable Circus of the Dead.

All the movies discussed are from 2012 (Children of Sorrow, Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies, Scary or Die) or 2013 (Coyote, Deadly Revisions, The Black Water Vampire). While Bill’s earlier work is also good, it is only in the last couple of years that the subject of this episode has really blossomed in the horror field.

Hope you enjoy this brief retrospective of a career we look forward to following for many years to come. Cheers!