Podcast 158 — The Walking Dead, Z Nation, Treehouse of Horror XXV, Annabelle, Rigor Mortis, Blue Ruin


Annabelle is a hell of a doll

Howdy-do to our loyal & patient listeners. Welcome to another episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by Jerry & Mark. Are you sitting uncomfortably? Then we’ll begin.

The guys begin their discussion with a spoiler-laden review of two zombie-rich television series: AMC‘s The Walking Dead & Syfy‘s Z Nation. While seeming to have much in common — small knots of heroes in a desperate struggle to survive the Zombocalypse — the styles of these shows is very different. Following this is a lengthy mention of The SimpsonsTreehouse of Horror XXV in which Moe does a credible imitation of droogie Alex in A Clockwork Orange, among other brief episodes.

Next up, Jerry apologizes for mixing up his Lucid credits. In fact, full credit to Marion Kerr & director Kevin K. Shah for producing an excellent short sci-fi-horror flick. Hope to see more soon from these talented filmmakers.

A sort of prequel to The Conjuring, Annabelle is the supposedly true story of a haunted doll. If toys favoured by demons is your cup o’ tea, then this flick is right up your alley. Mark & Jerry play with this period piece & then stuff her back in the glass case.

Chinese-made Rigor Mortis is next laid out on the examining table. Vampires, ghosts, undead servants of evil, kung-fu fighting & noodles feature prominently in one of the best, most beautiful horror movies seen in a while. Needless to say, this movie is highly recommended.

Finally, the guys ponder the sad, revenge-driven tale of Blue Ruin. Written & directed by Jeremy Saulnier, this is a smallish movie that drags ordinary people into an extraordinarily horrific situation. It’s not all fun & games when you live for vengeance.

More next week, sports fans.