Podcast 163 — Ouija, Lucy, Noah, Chrysalis, The Bunnyman Massacre, Martyrs

ouija-movie-poster-4Ouija conjures up real scares

Hello again, dear listeners! As we approach Christmas & the vaunted holiday season, we here at The Horror Movie Show hope you are not over-stressed by the commercial pressures to “buy yourself a good time” & “spend more so you are loved.” We have the perfect antidote to holiday blues: Mark & Jerry chatting about a half-dozen movies & mayhem.

First up is Ouija, directed by Stiles White. Based on the board game of the same name, this story of devilish haunting features a young cast who are fairly competent & a pretty good script. Do our quivering hosts like this modern take on Mediumship? You’d need to consult the spirits to find out — or listen to this podcast.

Lucy stars the ultra-attractive Scarlett Johansson as a young woman forced to be a drug mule. When the hefty sack of weird designer drug splits inside her tummy, it has interesting effects on the poor gal: she becomes super-intelligent & develops god-like powers. Sounds… realistic. Morgan Freeman also stars in this commercial release.

Another big-name actor, Russell Crowe, portrays Biblical giant Noah in what is essentially an adventure-fantasy. Jerry gets to rant against religion (that’s what he believes), but don’t hold it against him. Yahweh will sort him out eventually.

A significantly smaller budget was spent to make Chrysalis, a post-apocalyptic zombie flick directed by John Klein. Same with The Bunnyman Massacre, written & directed by Carl Lindbergh.

Last but certainly not least, the guys leave 2014 & travel back in time to discuss 2008′s Martyrs. Written & directed by Pascal Laugier, this is an intense & terrifying tale of revenge, betrayal, mind control & torture. Well thought of in the horror community, this French flick is one of those movies that is hard to take simply because it keeps the viewer guessing, while thickly layering on the blood & guts. Happy holidays indeed.