Podcast 170 — The ABCs of Death 2, It Follows, Iron Doors, Wyrmwood, Don’t Blink, Big Driver, Woman in Black 2, Dahmer

abcs_of_death_2Now we know our ABCs of Death 2

A gracious good day to the several listeners of The Horror Movie Show. Hosts Jerry & Mark examine a fine assortment of scary & intriguing movies in this episode.

To “kick off” the show is anthology The ABCs of Death 2. The first in this interesting series had less than 50 per cent success, according to our critics. Is the sequel more successful?

Next is one of the hottest titles of the last year: It Follows. Written & directed by David Robert Mitchell, this worthwhile & extremely spooky horror flick is bound to make Top 10 lists all over the world. Mark & Jerry get down on their knees to keep up with this one.

A handful of smaller movies is next: Iron Doors (2010), Wyrmwood, Don’t Blink & Big Driver (all 2014) each have points good & bad. Note that Big Driver is based on a Stephen King story — for those who enjoy that little-known author.

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death is the penultimate movie looked over & through this episode. Another sequel, another chance to tell a gothic-style horror story set in the same spooky mansion as in the original.

Finally, the guys politely discuss the 2002 feature Dahmer, starring the likeable Jeremy Renner (Avengers, 28 Weeks Later). More cerebral than shocking, this small movie is a… tasteful peek into the day-to-day life of serial maniac Jeffrey Dahmer. And what a naughty boy he is.