Podcast 175 — Sharknado 3, Ant-man, The Human Centipede III, Monster of Nix, Dark Summer, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Jokesters, Love in the Time of Monsters

humanCentipede3Sharknados & Human Centipedes

A gracious good day to the several listeners of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by Mark & Jerry because they work cheaply & don’t complain much. This episode is 60 minutes jam-packed with horrific goodies, including a brief review of Malevolents: Book One, Click Click, the over-titled first chapter in a projected graphic novel.

Next to surface is a bit of chitchat about Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No, the latest utterly ridiculous entry in the utterly ridiculous series. This is followed by a wee review of the enjoyable Ant-man, starring little Paul Rudd & tall Evangeline Lilly.

Then comes the one we’ve all be waiting for, Tom Six‘s The Human Centipede III: Final Sequence. While also a black comedy — even a satiric take on political correctness & American gun/prison culture — this one may not measure up to the earlier entries. But (and this is a big but) actors Dieter Laser & Laurence R. Harvey are fun & funny as they take this flick waaay over the top.

Animated short film The Monster of Nix, created by Rosto AD, is discussed. Thriller Dark Summer, directed by Paul Solet, is next. And Mark drives off the road while raving about Mad Max: Fury Road.

Finally, two independent movies are reviewed. A competent effort, The Jokesters is directed by A.J. Wedding & co-stars its screenwriter Nathan Reid. The show finishes on a high note with Matt Jackson‘s Love in the Time of Monsters, a very strong showing indeed.