Podcast 177 — Fear the Walking Dead, Wes Craven retrospective, RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper

wesCravenThere were giants in those days

A loud & boisterous greeting to you, dear listener. Welcome to this special episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted as ever by Mark & Jerry. Sadly, our jabbering duo bid a fond farewell to a couple of fan favourites.

Before the retrospective for horror maestro Wes Craven, the guys discuss AMC’s spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead. Starring Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane & a slew of other potential foodstuffs, this prequel to megasuccess The Walking Dead has already shown it is a different sort of shambling monster from the original.

With the death from brain cancer last week of 76-year-old filmmaker Wes Craven, the horror genre has lost a potent & powerful force. His twisted sense of humour was one of his endearing, enduring qualities. He will be missed.

The guys discuss a few of Craven’s directorial efforts, including The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes, Swamp Thing, the iconic A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Serpent & the Rainbow, Shocker, Jerry’s favourite The People Under the Stairs, super-successful Scream & Red Eye.

Last but not least, Jerry & Mark talk fondly of the late Roddy Piper‘s two best & best-known flicks: Hell Comes to Frogtown & John Carpenter‘s They Live. RIP, gentlemen.