Podcast 178 — San Andreas, The Boy, Mikey, Goodnight Mommy, A Plague So Pleasant, Air & Burying the Ex

sanAndreasBig quakes, bad boys & bucolic zombies

Good day to our lovely, loyal listeners. Welcome to yet another bleeding episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted as ever by those snapping, dangerous boys Jerry & Mark.

Starting with an earth-shaking review of The Rock‘s big-screen extravaganza San Andreas, the guys marvel that more didn’t die in the making of this over-the-top-and-into-the-big-crack quake movie. Or at the premiere of the movie. Hoo-boy.

Speaking of boys, the next three films focus on some very naughty youngsters. Simply titled, The Boy is an excellent examination of a young serial killer in his tender, formative years. Written & directed by Craig William Macneill, it stars Jared Breeze as the junior sociopath. This one is highly recommended.

Next up is Mikey, a 1992 feature that was banned in Britain after the tragic murder (by two pre-adolescent boys) of a toddler in England. It stars Brian Bonsall, who played Commander Worf’s son on Star Trek: The Next Generation, as a really nasty kid. The last of the murderous young fellow flicks is a stylish German effort, 2014′s Goodnight Mommy.

Independent feature A Plague So Pleasant is an interesting take on the ubiquitous zombie apocalypse theme. After the initial frenzy of killing on both sides, the zoms are now a peaceful, protected species. Of course, this gives rise to some pretty weird behaviour from the humans sharing the world with the oatmeal-loving undead.

Air is an interesting little flick starring Walking Dead heartthrob Norman Reedus. Another end-of-the-world story, this one is well-made & particularly claustrophobic.

And director Joe Dante delivers a fine & funny zombie story in Burying the Ex, starring Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene & the lovely Alexandra Daddario. All these zombie movies leads us to ask: is the real zombie plague the plethora of movies on the subject?