Podcast 179 — Z Nation, Fear the Walking Dead, The Green Inferno, The Visit, Attack on Titan: Part 1, Doc of the Dead, VANish, When the Wind Blows, Q


Human: It’s what’s for dinner

A brisk & colourful greeting to you, dear listener. Welcome to another episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by the autumnal Mark & Jerry.

Tummy growling, the show begins with some chatter about favourite U.S. zombie series, Z Nation & Fear the Walking Dead. The former is finding its shaky legs, but the latter is just about wrapped up for its first season. And the public is still hungry for brains.

Now the screaming starts… Armed only with his trusty machete, Jerry hacked & slashed his way into a movie theatre on opening weekend to explore The Green Inferno, director Eli Roth‘s celebration of cannibalism. Full of gore, guts, grilling & gruesome giggles, this is the full meal deal.

Next up is The Visit, writer-director M. Night Shyamalan‘s return to cinematic spookiness. A simple, innocent trip for a couple of kids to grandma & grandpa’s house turns out to be neither simple nor innocent. Yow.

Wacky Japanese flick Attack on Titan posits a future in which the remnants of humanity cower behind huge walls to avoid the titans — gigantic humanoid monsters who enjoy gorging on Japanese food made with actual Japanese. This one is pure fantastic craziness.

Doc of the Dead is a history of the modern zombie, the favourite monster with filmmakers & the public these days. Interviews include George A. Romero, Bruce Campbell, Stuart Gordon (, Tom Savini, Simon Pegg, Greg Nicotero & all the delicious big brains behind The Walking Dead in its various forms.

A fine found-footage feature, VANish concerns a kidnapping that goes somewhat awry. Written & directed by Bryan Bockbrader (who also costars), this is an excellent thriller. Guest stars Tony “Candyman” Todd & Danny “Machete” Trejo steal their too-brief scenes.

To wrap things up, the guys discuss 1986′s powerful When the Wind Blows, an animated feature about the unvarnished reality of nuclear war, and ends with 1982′s Q: The Winged Serpent. This last stars Michael Moriarty, Candy Clark & David Carradine, and is perhaps writer-director Larry Cohen‘s funniest flick. As we like to say around here: Don’t get eaten!