Podcast 180 — Fear the Walking Dead & The Walking Dead, Fantastic Four (2015), Nightmare Code, Pixels, The Harvest, Project Almanac, MI: Rogue Nation


Walking Deads & science fiction thrills

Greetings to you, dear listener. Welcome to another episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted once more by Jerry & Mark. With pumpkin pie on their minds (and shirts), the guys discuss several movies in the science-fiction vein.

Beginning with a wrap-up on the first season of Fear the Walking Dead & a spoiler-laden review of the season six premiere of The Walking Dead, our hosts move on to the reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise. Directed by Josh Trank, this version sees the mutated heroes as mere teenagers. What a concept.

The worthwhile Nightmare Code follows, starring Andrew J. West — better known as Gareth from last season’s cannibalistic episodes of The Walking Dead. And amply demonstrating that money cannot beat a movie with a smart script, the guys have little good to say about Adam Sandler‘s extravagant Pixels.

Another clever flick — The Harvest — features Samantha Morton & the always interesting Michael Shannon as parents with a sickly son & a horrible secret. That is followed by Project Almanac, about a group of teens who build a time machine & do little of interest with it.

Finally, Mark & Jerry discuss Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, the latest in the popular & repetitive series starring Tom Cruise & the usual gang of Hollywood celebs. Director Christopher McQuarrie delivers the goods & this is a fine effort if you prefer spectacular razzle-dazzle over good writing & acting.

Now go & try on your Halloween costume. That important date is coming up fast!