Hellevator gameshow premieres Wed., Oct. 21, on GSN


Welcome to dying time

By Jerry Eberts

Horror continues to insinuate itself into popular culture. There have always been icons of the dark & scary, popular with the wide population — think Frankenstein, Dracula & the Wolfman — but when a dramatic series about the coming Zombie Apocalypse is the highest rated show on network television, there has been a major societal shift.

Blumhouse Productions, responsible for some of the most popular horror franchises currently running — including the Paranormal Activity movies — is taking its horrific abilities & molding a series for GSN (the Game Show Network) called Hellevator. Three friends, each dropped on a different floor of a dark, dilapidated building, must complete terrifying quests if they hope to escape their place of terror & collect a cash prize.

While Monty Hall may show up (but only as an undead ghoul), for the most part the hosting duties fall on Jen & Sylvia Soska. Well known for their fine horror movies American Mary & See No Evil 2, the Soska Sisters will bring their elegant style of viciousness to this spectacle of ordinary people having the fertilizer scared out of them.

The series premieres Wednesday, October 21, on GSN. Check your local listings. And bear in mind that Hellevator is currently casting for further episodes. If you want to be a victim, more information is available at gsntv.com.

Watch a wild clip here!