Podcast 181 — Knock Knock, Pay the Ghost, Hellions, The Mist (director’s cut), We Are Still Here, Dracula Reborn, Bloodsucking Bastards


Happiest of horrific Halloweens!

With ghouls & ghosts on the ground October 31, this is the best time of year to be a fan of both horror movies & teeth-rotting candy. Mark & Jerry, your hosts of The Horror Movie Show, are pleased to present a selection of scary movies fit to frighten even the fearless on your Halloween evening.

Starting with Eli Roth‘s second new movie released this year, Knock Knock stars the attractive trio of Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo & Ana de Armas. He’s a family man working alone at home; the gals show up at his door soaking wet & quickly make themselves at home. Uh-oh.

Nobody has been more over-the-top crazy on the big screen than Nicolas Cage. In Pay the Ghost, he is positively underplaying his role of a father searching for his young son, missing since the previous Halloween. Though not one of Cage’s best, it is better than many of his recent efforts.

Also specifically tied to Halloween, director Bruce McDonald‘s Hellions is a chilling little flick about a teenaged girl at home & the little monsters who come to play trick or treat on her. Chloe Rose stars.

A favourite of our intrepid hosts, Frank Darabont‘s wonderful creature-feature The Mist is discussed in its full black & white glory, the colour removed so the movie more closely resembles the sort of 1950s–’60s movies the script recalls. Based on a Stephen King story, this is a wonderfully scary movie with a killer ending that will break your heart.

Wonderful to see actress Barbara Crampton‘s continuing resurgence. She was fine in the excellent You’re Next from a couple of years ago & she absolutely shines in We Are Still Here, written & directed by Ted Geoghegan. We Are Still Here costars Andrew Sensenig, Lisa Marie & HMPod favourite Larry Fessenden.

Dracula Reborn flaps its way up next. Written & directed by Attila Luca, this tale of Vancouverites heading for Transylvania is a lightweight little flick.

And last but not least is horror-comedy Bloodsucking Bastards, starring Fran Kranz — who stole all his scenes in The Cabin in the Woods. He is again very funny here in this goofy tale of vampires being hired to turn around a crappy direct-marketing company.

Finally, Jerry has a few words to say about director Scott Cooper‘s Black Mass, starring Johnny Depp & Joel Edgerton. While it is a very good movie about the Boston Irish mafia & its connections to the FBI, it is not supernatural at all. What a disappointment. Perhaps Roman Polanski can direct the sequel.

Now, dear listener, listen to the podcast & don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed.