Podcast 182 — The Gallows, Theatre of the Deranged, Theatre of the Deranged II, Queen Crab, Jake’s Road, Doomsday


Queen Crab grabs attention

A good day to all fans of the horrific & macabre. And hopefully also independent cinema! This episode of The Horror Movie Show boasts not one, not two — but several independently made horror movies. Whoopee!

Your gracious hosts Jerry & Mark invite you first to try out The Gallows, a 2015 flick that made the rounds of actual moviehouses. Written & directed by Travis Cluff & Chris Lofing, this is a literally dark tale of high school kids & the play that went horribly wrong.

Next up is a pair of anthology flicks: 2012′s Theatre of the Deranged & its 2013 sequel. With a hefty portion of writing & directing talent (James Cullen Bressack, Creep Creepersin, Shawn C. Phillips, Shane Ryan, among others), the first movie is not great. But the sequel definitely has some worthwhile segments.

Written & directed by Brett Piper, 2015′s Queen Crab is about a little town being menaced by a giant pregnant crab. Yup, a giant crab. This is one of those movies where the fun is found laughing at this absurdity. Mark especially enjoyed the stop-motion giant crab effects.

Jake’s Road is a 2014 effort by writer-director Mike Mayhall, costarring HMPod fave-rave Eric Roberts. And last but possibly not least is Doomsday (aka Death Machine), a rather illogical science-fictionish story that is, frankly, a hot mess. Listen to the podcast & understand why.