Podcast 184 — The Walking Dead, The Walking Deceased, Z Nation, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, Into the Badlands


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Top o’ the seasoned greetings to all our various & several listeners. We here at The Horror Movie Show hope you are enjoying some time off work, some fun with friends & family, maybe some quality horror viewing. Your hosts Jerry & Mark have some thoughts on a few of the horrific television series currently on the air. Be aware, there will be spoilers.

First up is The Walking Dead, the shambling, violent, nasty mess of a series that is guaranteed to break the heart of every loyal viewer at some point or another. With the sixth season half done, our merry band of zombie-killers just keeps jumping from frying pans into fires. At least we know Glenn is alive.

Naturally enough, talk of that show leads into a review of the extremely silly zombie parody flick, The Walking Deceased. Not a great movie, but one that will amuse fans of the mega-popular undead genre.

Z Nation has picked up steam in its second year & the tale of The Murphy is a much funnier one than its smarter, more dangerous big brother, The Walking Dead. For once the SyFy channel has done something right — and not a Sharknado in sight. Maybe in the third season.

It’s no secret that Mark & Jerry are big fans of Sam Raimi‘s Evil Dead franchise. Happily for horror fans, Raimi is back producing (plus directing the first episode) the hilariously gory Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Starring — who else? — Bruce Campbell as the heroically egotistical Ash, this series is a winner, baby.

Finally, a few words about the newest fantasy series from the AMC network, Into the Badlands. While there’s some pretty silly stuff going on in this sword-fighting, post-apocalyptic weirdness, it is beautiful. But yes, also pretty silly.

So turn on the podcast, tune in to the show & drop into your favourite chair while The Horror Movie Show yaps & snaps with two-bit opinions. And don’t forget our Xmas show is next week. Now gimme some sugar!