Podcast 186 — The Best of 2015


Have a crustacean new year!

Happiest of new years to our faithful listeners & the few of you who do not even know The Horror Movie Show exists. This is another in a long line of special episodes recounting the very best of the past 12 months — more or less. Listen now as your horrible hosts, Jerry & Mark, count down their picks.

Starting at No. 10 is the hilariously dark vampire comedy What We Do in the Shadows. No. 9 is one of the year’s strongest science-fiction flicks, Ex Machina, co-starring busy Oscar Isaac & Domhnall Gleeson. At No. 8 is The Boy, a peek into the pre-adolescence of a budding serial killer. No. 7 is the low-budget but excellent ghost story We Are Still Here, featuring beautiful Barbara Crampton & friend of the show Larry Fessenden. And No. 6 is horror superstar Eli Roth‘s terrifying black comedy The Green Inferno.

The choice for No. 5 is David Robert Mitchell‘s horror hit It Follows, another low-budget thrill-ride. On the other side of the budgetary scale is Leonardo DiCaprio & super-popular Tom Hardy in the epic revenge yarn The Revenant. Also on a historic bent, No. 3 is Bone Tomahawk, starring Kurt Russell‘s magnificent whiskers. The always intense Henry Rollins plays a very jaded, mysterious immortal in No. 2: He Never Died.

And HMPod‘s choice for the best movie of 2015 is the ultra-weird allegorical feature from director Yorgos LanthimoThe Lobster. Starring Colin Farrell & Rachel Weisz, this is one of the most peculiarly menacing flicks from any year.

Hope everyone has recovered from holiday season hangovers. You can keep the volume low on the jibber-jabber. Now on with The Horror Movie Show….