Podcast 190 — The Walking Dead, The Forest, AfterDeath, Nocturna, I Am Alone, Beg, Door to Door


The Forest is worth exploring

Greetings & salutations, dear listeners, from The Horror Movie Show & yapping windbags Jerry & Mark. This episode begins with chitchat about everyone’s favourite zombie apocalypse TV series, The Walking Dead. After three episodes in the second half of the sixth season (got it?), there is certainly a lot to chatter about. Be warned that there are spoilers aplenty. Starting… now! The death of Rick’s new family, young Corl getting his eye shot out, first indications that some guy named Negan is a most formidable villain, retaking Pleasantville from several hundred thousand walkers (most of ‘em rekilled by a single hatchet), hanging around with Jesus… Our gang has been busy, busy, busy!

Next up is The Forest, starring lovely Natalie Dormer as identical twins lost in the Japanese “suicide forest.” One thing you can say for the Japanese is they sure know how to attract tourists. Unfortunately for this flawed but interesting story, when the movie opened last year it received many negative reviews. Our hosts have a different take.

The excellent AfterDeath is a smarter-than-average chiller out of Britain & well worth watching. With enough twists & turns to satisfy those who like their horror intelligent, this ode to Existentialism is worth a look. Not so for writer-director Buz Alexander‘s Nocturna, a literally dark tale of vampire clans battling in New Orleans. At least the city looks good.

A trio of independent flicks rounds out the show. Robert A. Palmer‘s enjoyable I Am Alone is a zombie movie with a compelling twist. Kevin MacDonald‘s Beg features a plethora of horror stars from classic movies, including Tony Moran (Halloween), Tony Todd (Candyman) & Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes). And Jimmy Wienholz‘s Door to Door is a brave, goofy first attempt by this horror booster. Now you git listenin’ while we look for Corl. Corl!