Podcast 191 — Victor Frankenstein, Jeruzalem, Martyrs (’15), Unfriended, The Stanford Prison Experiment, The Nightmare


It’s not alive at the box office

And it seems there is yet another episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by Mark & Jerry. In fact, this is it right here. Let’s get going, shall we?

First up is the big-money disappointment Victor Frankenstein. With a winning cast including Daniel Radcliffe & over-the-top James McAvoy, this version has a distinctly goofy, modern feel to it. Unfortunately, it has little else to recommend it.

Israeli-made Jeruzalem has some remarkable, creepy, amazing sets — as one might expect to find in a city that has been a centre of humanity for millennia — but this one also feels thin & a bit forced.

If our hosts have not been whipped into a froth of critical bitterness by this time, the U.S. remake of the ultra-brutal French flick Martyrs should drive Jerry at least to take bites out of nearby load-bearing walls. Is there a point to remaking a quirky & unique movie? Other than a naked money-grab? Didn’t think so.

Unfriended (2014) is a more worthwhile project, offering a found-footage film of a different sort. A group of teen pals commemorate the anniversary of a classmate’s suicide by being terrorized online. Some clever stuff going on here.

Based on the famous experiment by Philip Zimbardo, The Stanford Prison Experiment shows how easily any one of us can be turned into a slavering Nazi guard, willing to brutalize our fellow humans at the slightest whim of a superior. Not a horror movie, but certainly the most frightening film discussed in this episode.

Last & certainly least is The Nightmare, a sort of documentary by director Rodney Ascher in which a bunch of twits discuss their unpleasant dreams & ignore scientific fact. This one is liable to simply irritate, not entertain. So let’s wake up & get listening! Yawn….